In Floor Radiant Heat

March 2002

SUNSHIELD ® NON-DETERIORATING Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating applied as a thermal break under infloor radiant heating.(see NOTES )

Bare Concrete Slab

 In Floor Radiant Heat
SUNSHIELD ®applied on slab @ 16 mils WFT \ 8 mils DFT
 In Floor Radiant Heat
Glue applied to the bottom of the piping rails
 In Floor Radiant Heat
Piping rails in place
 In Floor Radiant Heat
Heating tubes placed in rails
 In Floor Radiant Heat
Concrete skim coat applied over entire system
 In Floor Radiant Heat

NOTE : In this particular application the SUNSHIELD ® is completely buried in concrete and consequently only 2 of the 4 ceramics will come into play. The 2 reflective ceramics are ineffective in this type of application because the coating is facing direct contact, low temperature, front side conduction. This will reduce the thermal barrier for SUNSHIELD ® and SUPERTHERM ® as demonstrated by the ASTM C236 - " Steady State Thermal Performance of Building Assemblies by means of a Guarded Hot Box ". A Reflective Paint on the other hand wouldn't work at all in this application and is a further demonstration of the difference between a Reflective Paint and an Insulating Coating. Additional insulation effectiveness can be achieved by adding more thickness. This is amply demonstrated with our new HPC® COATING when the surface temperature can be reduced from 1000°F to only 163°F with a mere 1" DFT as certified by the TEMPERATURE REDUCTION CHART - VTEC LABORATORIES.

In an independent test conducted by JSA Sales a 10°F difference was recorded using SUNSHIELD ®.

The following is courtesy of Don Pasternak of PRAGMATEK BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC. the distributor for New Jersey. Don is working with Bill Barbera the Vice President of HVAC Alternatives, Inc. Bill recently ( October 2005 ) applied SUPERTHERM ® Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating as the thermal break under newly installed in floor radiant heating. His results match the results achieved on our projects.

" I have performed some additional tests on SUPERTHERM ®. Recently I installed radiant on the 2nd floor of my own home.

One room I coated the sub-floor with 2 coats SUPERTHERM ® Installed 9" wide sleepers & heat transfer plates with 1/2" pex then Pergo for finished floor.

The rest of the rooms was installed using 3/4" Dow Polystyrene with heat transfer plates and pex, simulating the Roth products system for radiant retrofit systems in lieu of the SUPERTHERM ® and plywood.

The SUPERTHERM ® room responds twice as fast, with virtually no heat loss

My Conclusion:

1 - I had to reduce the flow to that room to prevent fly wheeling and overheating

2 - I wish I used SUPERTHERM ® throughout.

3 - SUPERTHERM ® is far superior than conventional insulation.

SUPERTHERM ® is truly an amazing product. I intend on specifying it in all future energy conservation projects. "

Bill Barbera