Parkade insulation at Settlers Crossing

Sun Peaks B.C. October 2008

44,360 Sq Foot Parkade Ceiling with a Primer coat of 8 mils WFT = 3.68 mils DFT of SUNSHIELD ® and Top coated with 8 mils WFT = 5.44 mils DFT of SUPERTHERM ® for a total of 16 mils WFT = 9.12 mils DFT to a combined effective thermal barrier.



- ASTM C-236 - (C236-89(1993)e1) - Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Performance of Building Assemblies by Means of a Guarded Hot Box,
- ASTM E 1269 - Standard Test Method for Determining Specific Heat Capacity by Differential Scanning Calorimeter,
- ASHRAE 90.1 CODE COMPLIANCE - "U" value used to measure "area-weighted average", insulated walls or roofs
- carries a Class A Flame Spread Rating ASTM E 84 and E 108
- has proven sound proofing ASTM E 90
- increases the lumens and offers a brighter environment and is washable to maintain the lumens
- is non-deteriorating, will not lose its insulation value when moisture is present as it is completely waterproof once cured ASTM D 6904, D 3273 and D 3274 and resists condensation thus limiting the resulting mould and mildew
- carries the highest adhesion rating and will not fall off (as opposed to the traditional materials which easily fall off)
- does not provide nesting materials for insects or rodents
- will also provide an additional benefit to all of the plumbing that will also be coated during the application. The coated sprinkler system for example will resist condensation and the resulting corrosion, mold and mildew