Jackie’s Pub in Lockport IL

MAY 2012

Was located in a downtown business district of historic Lockport, Illinois where many of the structures were built during the 1800’s.

Over the last few years several of these historic buildings have suffered from fire damage and the original Jackie’s burnt down in March of 2012.
Plans were made to move into the empty undamaged space next door. This was a one story structure with concrete block walls and a wood truss flat commercial roof. The concerns for the new construction were;
1. Giving the proposed exposed wood ceilings a Class "A" Flame Spread Rating
2. Sound proofing the structure
3. Insulation
The exposed wood ceilings were coated with SUPERTHERM ® in order to achieve a Class "A" Flame Spread Rating. This eliminated the need and cost for Class "A" rated drop ceilings. The interior concrete block walls were treated with SUPERTHERM ®. The insulation benefit was enhanced by SUPERTHERM ®'s ability to reduce moisture transmission through the concrete block walls as well as repelling nearly all of the infra red radiation.

There was a great deal of concern by the neighboring tenant and the landlord that loud noise would be a problem for the new location. There was a great deal of skepticism that a simple coating of paint would insulate, reduce noise, and provide a Class "A" Flame Spread Rating. SUPERTHERM ® lived up to its reputation and all of the sub-contractors, building officials and neighboring businesses were amazed at how well the product performed. The structure’s sound proofing is incredible and no noise can be heard outside of the structure or by the neighboring tenant. The pub now has a reputation as the coolest place in town because even during the recent record breaking hot summer of 2012 with a HI of over 110°F, the bar remains remarkably cool.

steel stud over block stud and rafters
rafters rafters
Mix and Prep
mix and prep mix and prep
prep prep
appling appling
appling coated
The interior concrete block walls were treated with SUPERTHERM ®. This allowed for open spaces between the steel studs without the need for fiberglass insulation allowing the electrician to easily feed low voltage wiring for sound systems and LED lighting.
left img right img
left img right img
Finished Pub

The building inspectors in the City of Lockport had never heard of SUPERTHERM ® before but after doing their homework, the building officials have started to recommend using the product on future projects in their town. When the Fire inspector came to make his final inspection he would not believe the Class "A" Rating of the product and tried to prove his point by removing a small piece of wood from the mechanical room and setting fire to the piece….he made several attempts to burn the piece of wood and it would not burn. He is now a believer.

SUPERTHERM ® not only lived up to its reputation …it exceeded all of the expectations and concerns of the owners and patrons of Jackie’s Pub in Lockport, IL.

Project Pictures courtesy of:
John Walliser Illinois Senior Specialized Coatings Consultant \ Project Manager
Phone: ( 708 ) 268-2354