Vancouver 1999


The blast furnace doors were coated with SUPERTHERM® to bring the surface temperature down, from 150°C \ 302°F to 70°C \ 158°F via backside conduction, to meet code for surfaces exposed to human contact. This required multiple coats of SUPERTHERM®. Today we would use HSC® COATING which had not yet been developed and accomplish the same thickness in a couple of coats.

SUPER THERM - Blast Furnace Doors SUPER THERM - Blast Furnace Doors

Primer coat of RUSTGRIP® base coat of SUPERTHERM® and top-coated with ENAMOGRIP®

These containment tanks located at the GVRD Waste Incinerator process acidic ash. In 1999 they were coated inside and out with a primer coat of RUSTGRIP®, a base coat of SUPERTHERM® and a topcoat of ENAMOGRIP®. In 2002 the tanks were checked for structural integrity. The uncoated tanks were discarded and replaced. The coated tanks were touched up and returned to service.

SUPER THERM - Containment Tanks SUPER THERM - Containment Tanks