Victoria basement Reno

This project needed a Thermal Barrier to stop the heat escaping from the basement. The tenants were having to have the baseboard heaters on FULL 30 degress Celsius to maintain a comfortable temperature. It was tile directly on concrete which was slab on grade and was losing heat drastically. It is situated on a hill that is basically a big rock. The inital discussions were to install Drycor or Barricade. 2'x2' subfloor/insulation or subfloor/water barrier combination. We couldn't use this because it would have raised the floor up too much. I suggested SUPERTHERM ® to my client and he agreed to install it. The readings were taken in October 14th 2012 at 2.30pm. The outside ambient Temperature was 14 degrees Celsius and cloudy with 70% humidity. The area we live in is always around that level of humidity. Multiple reading were taken around the interior perimeter of the house as well as the middle of the slab. Before SUPERTHERM ® no heat running in house Temp 14 degrees Celsius


Concrete @ exterior wall Entrance @ door Tile in bathroom (interior reading)
max 12.3°C, actual 11.9°C max 12.8°C, actual 12.4°C max 13.9°C, actual 13.6°C
Concrete @ exterior wall Entrance @ doorTile in bathroom (interior reading)

After the application of 10 Mil DFT (Dry Film Thickness) SUPERTHERM ® coating Thermostat @ 16 degrees Celsius. Comfortable feeling in the inside ambient temperature. Exterior Temp was 12 degrees Celsius

Interior slab Reading Interior slab ReadingInterior slab Reading
max 15.6°C, actual 15.6°C max 16.6°C, actual 16.6°CMax 15.3°C, actual 15.1°C
Interior slab Reading Interior slab Reading Interior slab Reading


The figures show a slight increase in the temperature on the floor as a result of SUPERTHERM ®. This will help in the reduction of heat loss through the floor. I will be following up on their power bill to see if they notice a reduction in running costs.

Project Pictures Courtesy of:
Dave Currie