Condensation inside a Greenhouse


This test patch was located in the warehouse portion of a greenhouse operation.

SUNSHIELD 2000 - Condensation Inside Greenhouse
It was literally raining inside.
SUNSHIELD 2000 - Condensation
SUNSHIELD ® and SUPERTHERM ® both cure by evaporation. With this amount of condensation the coatings would be constantly taking on moisture and therefor not complete their cure. The appropriate coating in this type of situation should have been EPOXOTHERM ® which cures by chemical reaction and will even cure under water. For this test patch we cured the SUPERTHERM ® and SUNSHIELD ® with a heat gun.
SUNSHIELD 2000 - Cured with a Heat Gun
Which would you prefer?
SUNSHIELD 2000 - Prevents Condensation
SUNSHIELD ® and SUPERTHERM ® both stopped the condensation once cured.
SUNSHIELD 2000 and SUPERTHERM Both Prevent Condensation