roanoke cemenT

January 2010

Protective Coating System applied behind refractory on the inside of the Cyclone to protect the steel from sulfuric acid. The system we used was first to coat the steel with RUST GRIP ® to seal and protect then HOT PIPE COATING ® and SUPERTHERM ® to reduce heat on the RUST GRIP ®.

Site Preparation:
RoanokeCement un wraped
un wraped
Thermal wrap to retain heat Heat applied to bring interior up to application temperature

stacks stacks
Assembling scaffolding Existing refractory left on door
inside prep inside
Sand blasting Inside Preparation
inside inside
Sand Blasted Metal Surface
mettal Surface mettal surface2 mettal surface 3
RUST GRIP ® applied at 4mils dry film thickness on Metal Surface
ristgrip rustgrip
inside rustgrip
mixing mixing
HOT PIPE COATING ® Application to 40mils dry film thickness
top coat of SUPERTHERM ® applied to 10mils dry film thickness
applied applied

Project Pictures Courtesy of:

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