Peterbilt roof 3 yr Follow up inspection

September 2014

RUSTGRIP ® was applied to the Gutter System, Gutter Braces, Screw Edges and all seams to encapsulate and protect the metal roof in 2011. It did not recieve maintenance until 3 years later in 2014 when we inspected the roof to ensure the integrity of the seal. Once again RUSTGRIP ® has proven to be immensely durable as even without maintenance the roof was as it was when it was initially encapsulated 3 years prior.

The original work from 2011 can be viewed HERE

3 years of sludge build-up Sludge
Once cleaned the previously applied RUSTGRIP ® looked to be in good condition. Cleaned, Hole
gutters gutters
Seams & Screw Edges
seams seams1
Vent Collars & Caps
vent1 vent2