BRIDGE on Highway 108 Vinton Louisiana

1996 - 2004

This bridge located in Louisiana was coated with RUST GRIP ® 8 years ago, for a test in a salt air, warm and highly humid environment. RUST GRIP ® looks the same today, as it did 8 years ago when it was coated. Other competing corrosion coatings had failed on this bridge

Rust Grip - 8 years later
The fact that RUST GRIP ® is a Certified Biohazard Encapsulator ( ASTM E 1795 ) for Lead Based Paint, asbestos and other pathogens and thus not invoking the " Clean Air Act " means significant dollar savings in the initial application costs not to mention the additional life cycle dollar savings.
Rust Grip - 8 Years Later Rust Grip - 8 Years Later
The statement 4 coat was because they were spraying the RUST GRIP ® and chose to spray it four times ( 1 hour between coats ) to get the specified mil thickness. We can brush and spray to achieve this in two coats for normal applications. Rust Grip - 8 Years Later