Gipaanda Greenhouses 2 year Follow-up Delta


These heating pipes from GIPAANDA Greenhouses were uncovered for the first time since a protective coating system comprised of RUSTGRIP ® and SUPERTHERM ® was applied two years ago. Today we may apply our new HOT PIPE COATING ® over the RUSTGRIP ®

Gipaanda Greenhouse - SUPERTHERM
The coatings are intact, with no signs of flaking, peeling or rust bleed. The discolouration was from the insulation blanket which is deteriorating thus leaving deposits ( possible carcinogen ) on the coated pipes. Gipaanda Greenhouse - SUPERTHERM
The fiberglass insulation blanket shows signs of advanced deterioration as it has absorbed moisture like a sponge. The resulting corrosion has also reduced the structural integrity of the pipes themselves. Kurt attempted to scrape away the exposed RUSTGRIP ® at the edge of the sample area with a knife and was unable to do so.
TYPICAL CUI ( Corrosion Under Insulation ) Gipaanda Greenhouse - SUPERTHERM
NO CUI ( Corrosion Under Insulation ) Gipaanda Greenhouse - SUPERTHERM
The light brown tinge wipes away easily with a broom. What you see are the dust deposits ( possibly carcinogenic ) from the deteriorating fiberglass insulation which was put in place at the same time we conducted this test