Last year I had to Demonstrate Graffiti Cleaner in a heritage area on a pipe and old stone work.

The pipe is 1 meter square riveted panels 120 meters long manufactured in Scotland 150 years ago.

The last time the pipe was painted was 45 years ago and the paint was very thick.

By applying Graffiti Cleaner to the side of the pipe and allowing it 5 minutes to penetrate the paint, then wiping it down with a rag the paint started to come off. By applying additional Graffiti Cleaner and wiping the area I removed all the paint down to the RED LEAD.

As the pipe was being cleaned and the paint removed down to the RED LEAD without any mechanical means or pressure cleaning the engineer and an environmental officer could not believe what they saw so I removed some more in another small area with the same results.

In the demonstration on the stone work the Graffiti Cleaner removed the Graffiti and left a slight shadow but by applying additional cleaner we leached out the graffiti and the area was clean.

During this demonstration I was asked to quote to refurbish the pipe and what method I would use.

Due to the pipe being over water and other environmental issues the pipe could not be Grit Blasted or Pressure cleaned as these methods could not be contained. The existing paint had different layers of Lead Base Paints ( 2 mm thick ) on the sides and the top. On the underside of the pipe that was protected from the elements the paint was cracked and about 4 mm thick.

Work on this project could only be archived by using 2 Knuckle Booms as the cages are about 1.5 meters in area. Slight additions had to be made to one of the units so containment sheeting could enclose the area so nothing would fall into the water. 

To clean the pipe only Graffiti cleaner would be used to remove the old paint.

2 coats of RUST GRIP ® Grip to be applied

2 coats ENAMO GRIP ® (S) in the colour as requested 

This demonstration was for the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN WATER CORPORATION ( SA WATER )

They have purchased the Graffiti Cleaner for cleaning of any old paint in the course maintenance requirements.

I have also demonstrated Graffiti Cleaner to remove the asbestos impregnated bitumen wrapping on the pipes.

This wrapping came off without contamination as would happen if other methods of removal were used.

I have attached some photo's of the pipe.

SA WATER know For Environmental issues Graffiti Cleaner has solved their problems
pipe pipe
pipe pipe
pipe pipe

Project Pictures Courtesy of:
Tony Brady