On Feb 22, 2008, we removed some graffiti from this sub station at Hwy 10 & King George Hwy.

with graffiti with graffiti
We had to be careful with removing the Graffiti as our cleaner is so powerful that it was removing the cheap paint from the wall as well, this is only a small problem as this is only a temporary clean as we will be over coating with our High Quality Graffiti Proof Coating ENAMO GRIP ® when weather permits.
with out graffiti with out graffitig
with out graffiti with out graffiti
with out graffiti
On June 23rd and 24th, 2008 the weather permitted completion of this project Standard surface preparation of clean, dry and sound substrate.
Prep work base coat
First coat on wall and trim with ENAMO GRIP ®
Prep work Base coat
2nd coat of ENAMO GRIP ®
Trim coat finish coat
Finished project
finished coat

7 YEAR FOLLOW UP (MAR 19, 2015)
Trim coat finish coat finished coat