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Walt Disney Movie Set Protection

The various materials used in set construction and the nature of the pyrotechnics involved require the use of different flame retardant chemicals and coatings. The set for the above movie " Miracle " was relatively easy to accomplish as the nature of the pyrotechnics were minimal. The flame spread protection in this case involved the use of " Escape SM " powder applied both as a liquid penetrant mixed with water and also as a coating mixed with latex paint.

Other movie set projects were more challenging to various degrees. Here are a few examples :

I SPY involved a 5 second fireball which required a penetrating chemical applied over all combustible materials on the entire set and a clear intumescent coating on the " target area ".

THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY SERIES involved little " pyromaniacs " tossing lit matches anywhere on the set and again required a combination of chemicals and coatings.

FREDDY VS JASON involved significant pyrotechnics and therefor required the extensive use of intumescent coatings.

HRT - HOSTAGE RESCUE TEAM involved fire shooting up all four walls of the set, inside the sound stage, in multiple sustained burns. Extensive use of intumescent coatings were required. As a foot note the set was totally undamaged however they did set off a fire sprinkler in the sound stage.