Wall coated with Fabrishield Wall coated with EnamoGrip
To Whom It May Concern, 04/10/02

This letter is a summary of our experience with the anti graffiti program that Eagle has set up for us. I approached Eagle approximately 3 years ago after reading an article in the local newspaper about their company. My concern was the severe graffiti problem at Guildford Medical Centre for which I am responsible to remediate. The program recommended by Eagle consists of two parts, the first being permanent protection utilizing their Enamo Grip anti graffiti coating and then immediate removal of graffiti using both a cheap graffiti cleaner and their Graffiti Cleaner. I find that the quicker the graffiti is removed the more it discourages the so called graffiti artists.

The building had been previously coated with Fabrikems - Fabrishield product which still allowed the graffiti to anchour into the pores. We selected the very worst area being the stair well at the back of the building to coat with Enamo Grip. The colour matching by Eagle was very good.

After several years now I feel comfortable making the following observations :

The Enamo Grip anti graffiti coating will not allow anything to stick to it. This includes spray paints, permanent felt markers, crayon or whatever. One of the toughest graffiti markings to remove is blue permanent felt marker. Even the cheap graffiti cleaner takes this off of the Enamo Grip coating but not the other coating.

For economic reasons we remove the majority of the graffiti using the cheapest graffiti cleaner available and then take off the rest including the shadowing with the Eagle Graffiti Cleaner. It takes off all the graffiti even on the other coating. The fact that this Graffiti Cleaner is non flammable and 100% biodegradable makes it very user and environmentally friendly.

In closing I would not hesitate to recommend this graffiti remediation system to anyone with graffiti problems. This system has proven itself over and over again.

Sincerely Yours,


Bob McInroy,
Head of Maintenance